Pebbles on Water

Purchasing Happiness?

When you get right down to the basics, all we need to do is eat a small amount of food and water every day.  Food and water are the only external “object” we need to acquire to be alive.

Everything else we purchase is in the spirit of attempting to make ourselves more comfortable.  Being comfortable is not a bad thing, in fact being comfortable is a result of being happy (not necessarily the other way around).

When we start placing greater value on those other external object, that’s when we simply start creating unhappiness.  We start believing that we can’t be happy without this or that.

Stop thinking… stop thinking about your next purchase for a moment.  Stop thinking about your next paycheck AND stop thinking about your next bill for a moment.

Close your eyes, and take really deep breaths as if you’re pushing the air into your stomach.  Hold your breath for a few seconds and slowly let it out… and smile.

If you were able to do that without letting your ego creep in with also sorts of random thoughts about the future and the past… or “problems”… then you just experienced life right now.  Even if it was just for a moment.

If you can’t get past your ego chatter (called monkey mind by some)… then you most certainly will not understand what I just said.  You’ll probably have some negative thought/comment about my words.  That was your ego… not you.  If you were able to see that… now you know what I mean.

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