Pebbles on Water

We are guided…

… by our higher selves.

Every day most find something to worry about. Sometimes we are already worried and in search of a reason to be so.
Sometimes unfortunate things happen in our lives… a loved one is sick, you lose your keys, your work falls into chaos… so many things to worry about.

Or you can choose to not worry. If you shut off your desire to control and relax your impulse to steer the ship, then quiet your mind… you will notice a pressure. This pressure is pushing you in a certain direction… this pressure is your intuition.

If we calmly follow our subtle intuition… and completely surrender our desire… all of a sudden things work out. It’s an astounding an amazing phenomenon.
Don’t pray, don’t desire… just surrender and “walk” in the direction of the subtle pressure.


Posted in: Surrender
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