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Change is Life

Two years ago I was a bachelor spending my days doing whatever at a whim. I was a good zennist, finding tranquility in the complete quiet of solitary life.

Now I’m a husband to a beautiful wife, a father to three beautiful girls, and the caretaker of a mind full of chatter and unrest.

I now realize that I wasn’t a good zennist… I was cheating. It’s easy to be at peace and meditate when you have nothing to be responsible for and and nobody else to consider. But throw in the non-stop noise from a 6 year old girl and the unyielding pressures of supporting a family of five… well, my friend… even a zen master would start twitching regularly while conversing with his ego about the nature of sanity.

You know what, sanity is completely over-rated… just let go of the notion that you gotta hold on to sanity… it’s futile. Let go of sanity… be insane. Embrace your insanity… then just let go of it.

It’s still a daily struggle to find that tranquility, to let go of the anxieties and find that mental balance of non-judgmental being. The one thing I realize now and then is that all our anxieties and unrest are 100% in the mind. It’s possible to let go of them and feel that blissful detachment while taking steps to meet your real obligations.

I’m reminded of a book I haven’t read but has a great title: Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff–and it’s all small stuff

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