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Mind-wandering can ruin your mood

Learning mindfulness and meditation techniques can help us minimize stressful mind-wandering and cultivate emotional wellness and happiness. In the coming years further studies of how adult brains are able to change will help us better understand whats involved in emotional well being and promote better mental health for everyone.


Can meditation change your brain? Neuroscientists want to know

Can people strengthen the brain circuits associated with happiness and positive behavior, just as we’re able to strengthen muscles with exercise? Richard Davidson, who for decades has practiced Buddhist-style meditation – a form of mental exercise, he says – insists that we can.

Mindfulness Meditation Breathing To Reduce Stress -

Here a simple example of mindfulness meditation breathing to reduce stress. Follow these simple instructions, and your stress will melt away in just a few moments.

Source: Mindfulness Meditation Breathing To Reduce Stress

Sitting without a sitter | Wildmind Buddhist Meditation

Sitting without a sitter | Wildmind Buddhist Meditation
When I was on my first ever meditation retreat — two weeks of intensive meditation in the Scottish Highlands — I'd sometimes hear the instruction, And now

Sit. Breathe. Be a Better Leader. The Promise of Mindfulness Meditation

Anyone else out there need to make peace with your lizard-squirrel-monkey brain?

Sit. Breathe. Be a Better Leader. | The Promise of Mindfulness Meditation |
Meditation and mindfulness are edging their way into corporate America. This article in Inc Magazine reports on findings that show the benefits of meditation for corporate leaders. The art piece I use…

An interesting meditation experience

Just had an interesting meditation experience. I was able to step back and listen to different voices… they were saying different nonsensical thing… fragments of a sentence… fragments of words… sounds that sounded like words but weren’t… clicks and whirrs… most of it had an authoritative tone to it… or a complaining/whiny tone…

It was all very trippy… never experienced that with such clarity before.

Mindfulness In Plain English

Vipassana (Mindfulness or Insight) Meditation

Meditation Techniques
Vipassana, which means to see things as they really are, is one of India's most ancient techniques of meditation.
The complete book below can be downloaded in a PDF format or as an E-Book or E-Reader and will help you getting started on the path to meditation.Mindfulness In Plain English
- Mindfulness In Plain English – Ven. Henepola Gunaratana. From the introduction: The subject of this book is Vipassana meditation practice. Repeat, practice. This is a meditation manual, a nuts-and-b…

Meditation Training Video by DotPixel

A great look at meditation from DotPixel. Watch and give it a try. Training Video by DotPixel

Deep Tibetan meditation music

Morning Meditation

Have a Great Day Today!Deep Tibetan meditation music

On Meditation

There are more books about meditation than I can count. Every book explains a different way to meditate and different reasons to meditate.

If we cut out all the excess information, there is only one primary reason and one primary way to meditate.

We meditate in order to stop our mental chatter.

Stopping our mental chatter brings euphoria, insight, improved physical and mental health, and taps into our intuitive unconscious. These are side effects of stopping our mental chatter and that is the goal of meditation.

Stopping the mental chatter can occur primarily by sitting and breathing. When a random though pops up we observe it from a distance, acknowledge that it is a thought, and then let it go bringing focus back to breathing. Sometimes we get the feeling of boredom that’s just another thought (strong because we’re identifying ourselves with it). Acknowledge it, let it go, focus on breathing.

Chanting is interesting because it’s basically a focus on breathing with an auditory component. Chanting with other people in unison… that’s an incredible experience that makes it very easy to stop the mental chatter.

The meditation books also talk about soft (new agey) music, incense, positions, etc. The point of all this is to put you in a better mood for meditation. They make you feel sacred and help you to relax.

When you meditate, if you’re going to use anything to help you, beyond sitting in a quiet place, make sure that your reason for using it is not ego based.

Being true in your motivations is very difficult to identify. The more you think or talk about it, the more false it is for you. You know right away if something is real, don’t ignore that.