Pebbles on Water


Settling into Smalltopia

Settling into Smalltopia
I wasn’t sure if I would be able to sleep on Saturday night because I was so excited about the delivery of our little house on Sunday. Plus, I had an incredible amount of coffee on Saturday afternoon!…

In the Sunshine by Paolo Bergamelli

I don't know where this is, but it's surreal

"In the Sunshine by Paolo Bergamelli"

The Color Before Dark by Bobby Bong

The Color Before Dark by Bobby Bong
Photo portfolio of Bobby Bong on 500px.

An interesting meditation experience

Just had an interesting meditation experience. I was able to step back and listen to different voices… they were saying different nonsensical thing… fragments of a sentence… fragments of words… sounds that sounded like words but weren’t… clicks and whirrs… most of it had an authoritative tone to it… or a complaining/whiny tone…

It was all very trippy… never experienced that with such clarity before.

Graham Hill: Less stuff, more happiness

Graham Hill: Less stuff, more happiness | Video on
TED Talks Writer and designer Graham Hill asks: Can having less stuff, in less room, lead to more happiness? He makes the case for taking up less space, and lays out three rules for editing your life….

Mindfulness In Plain English

Vipassana (Mindfulness or Insight) Meditation

Meditation Techniques
Vipassana, which means to see things as they really are, is one of India's most ancient techniques of meditation.
The complete book below can be downloaded in a PDF format or as an E-Book or E-Reader and will help you getting started on the path to meditation.Mindfulness In Plain English
- Mindfulness In Plain English – Ven. Henepola Gunaratana. From the introduction: The subject of this book is Vipassana meditation practice. Repeat, practice. This is a meditation manual, a nuts-and-b…

Meditation Training Video by DotPixel

A great look at meditation from DotPixel. Watch and give it a try. Training Video by DotPixel

Deep Tibetan meditation music

Morning Meditation

Have a Great Day Today!Deep Tibetan meditation music

The crybaby in your head

Have you ever had an idea that totally captivated your imagination and inspired you to think about a life far beyond the one you are living today?  If so, were you also among the majority of people who had that cynical, crybaby, negative voice pop up and immediately tell you all the reasons why this new idea could never come true?

Instead of falling victim to this defeating voice, try turning the tables.  Picture that voice as a vicious enemy trying to steal your life, power and happiness away from you.  Challenge the voice.  Question its authenticity.  Question its reasoning.  Get pissed off if you have to.  Make it powerless against your will.

Realize that you have the choice to replace that voice with a more encouraging, faithful and friendly one.  A voice that will consider your goal as not just a possibility, but a probability.  A voice that does not look externally for validation before taking action, but rather uses self belief as its driving force.  A voice that realizes that any person who has ever achieved greatness had to do so against similar odds and that all things are possible to those who commit to their vision.