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Blamestorming Is a Waste

a waste of everyones energy. When you assign blame, you act to protect yourself at the expense of another. In most workplaces, theres rarely one person or department to blame for any significant problem and trying to find one is a signal of poor problem solving.Instead of blamestorming next time something goes wrong, spend your energy thinking about the contributions that many people or departments probably made. Individually, those contributions may have had little impact, but collectively they created a problem.


Ditch Your Inner Critic

We beat ourselves up for both the big things and for the tiniest imperfections. And all this punishment isn’t helping us become more successful or to feel more fulfilled or even to get more done.What would happen if we gave ourselves a break?First, it is vital that you identify the critical, catty, judgmental voice in your head as your very own Inner Critic. And I’ve got news for you: Your Inner Critic is a Big Fat Liar! She/he tells you Big Fat Lies to try to maintain the status quo and keep you in your comfort zones – even if your comfort zones arent all that comfortable. If you want to take control of your happiness, it’s time to take Your Inner Critic out of the drivers seat.


A Different Perspective on Stress Relief and Management

Stress seems to be an inescapable part of life, doesnt it? I remember one of my lectures on stress I always thought stress just came from a high workload, but woah, I was wrong. It all differs depending on the person stress can be financial, social, mental, or emotional. It can come from pressure and conflict. It can come from natural disasters, noise, and pollution. It can come from low self-esteem, an impatient and perfectionist personality, all sorts of stuff.What is it for you? If stress is a problem for you, think of something that really gets you, and then read on with it in mind perhaps there are different ways of handling your stress, not the usual massage or walk in nature. Perhaps we can prevent stress from arising in the first place.


Presence, Acceptance, Impermanence

Things happen. Time Passes by. Attaching to an idea or concept, we trap ourselves. Mind is its own trap when fed. The acceptance of the present, fully, may bring suffering. The four noble truths. Karma. When letting go and coming to be, Karma comes back. How can it not? We can deny literally anything. It doesnt make it true.


Zen Flow Chart

Zen Flow Chart

Can meditation change your brain? Neuroscientists want to know

Can people strengthen the brain circuits associated with happiness and positive behavior, just as we’re able to strengthen muscles with exercise? Richard Davidson, who for decades has practiced Buddhist-style meditation – a form of mental exercise, he says – insists that we can.

Mindfulness Meditation Breathing To Reduce Stress -

Here a simple example of mindfulness meditation breathing to reduce stress. Follow these simple instructions, and your stress will melt away in just a few moments.

Source: Mindfulness Meditation Breathing To Reduce Stress

Sitting without a sitter | Wildmind Buddhist Meditation

Sitting without a sitter | Wildmind Buddhist Meditation
When I was on my first ever meditation retreat — two weeks of intensive meditation in the Scottish Highlands — I'd sometimes hear the instruction, And now

Sit. Breathe. Be a Better Leader. The Promise of Mindfulness Meditation

Anyone else out there need to make peace with your lizard-squirrel-monkey brain?

Sit. Breathe. Be a Better Leader. | The Promise of Mindfulness Meditation |
Meditation and mindfulness are edging their way into corporate America. This article in Inc Magazine reports on findings that show the benefits of meditation for corporate leaders. The art piece I use…

Nature is Awesome.Guess the Place!

Nature is Awesome.
Guess the Place!